CSC265H1: Enriched Data Structures and Analysis


This course covers the same topics as CSC263H1, but at a faster pace, in greater depth and with more rigour, and with more challenging assignments. Greater emphasis will be placed on proofs, theoretical analysis, and creative problem-solving. Certain topics briefly mentioned in CSC263H1 may be covered in more detail in this course, and some additional topics may also be covered.

CSC240H1 (with a minimum mark of 70%)/ ( CSC236H1 (with a minimum mark of 85%), MAT377H1/ STA237H1/ STA247H1/ STA255H1/ STA257H1). Notes: Students who have completed CSC240H1 must enrol in MAT377H1/ STA237H1/ STA247H1/ STA255H1/ STA257H1 concurrently with CSC265H1, if they have not already completed one of those courses. Students who have completed additional 200- or 300-level Mathematics courses may submit a prerequisite waiver request for permission to complete the statistics requirement as a co-requisite or to consider other courses as appropriate preparation for CSC265H1.
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