CSB498Y1: Independent Research in Cell and Systems Biology I

An original research project (a literature review alone is not sufficient) requiring the prior consent of a member of the Department to supervise the project. The topic is to be mutually agreed upon by the student and supervisor. They must arrange the time, place, and provision of any materials and submit to the Undergraduate Office a signed form of agreement outlining details prior to being enrolled. In the Fall/Winter session, a commitment of 8-10 hours per week is expected for research and related course activities. In the Summer session, the number of hours doubles (16-20 per week) as the length of the term is halved. This course is normally open only to fourth year students with adequate background in Cell and Systems Biology. Course requirements include a final report and either an oral presentation (Summer session) or a poster presentation (Fall/Winter session). Four workshops on scientific research are scheduled and highly recommended. Details for enrollment are available at the Undergraduate course section of the CSB website, http://csb.utoronto.ca. Maximum of 2.0 credits allowed among CSB497H1, CSB498Y1 and CSB499Y1. (Lab Materials Fee: $50). Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

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Living Things and Their Environment (4)
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In Class