CSB428H1: Cytoskeletal Networks of the Cell


The cytoskeleton is a highly dynamic protein network that links all regions and components of the cell to provide a structural framework for organizing numerous cellular activities. This course will explore the molecular regulation of the actin and microtubule cytoskeletons during cell migration and other cellular processes. Topics will include (1) an overview of key regulators of the cytoskeleton, (2) how they organize specific cellular structures, and (3) how the coordinated activities of cytoskeletal networks govern complex cellular behaviours. The format of this course is mainly journal club style presentations and student-led discussions of research papers, together with supporting background lectures. Experience with critical evaluation of research papers is emphasized.

Minimum grade of 73% in BCH311H1/ CSB349H1/ MGY311Y1, minimum grade of 73% in BCH340H1/ CJH332H1/ CSB328H1/ CSB329H1/ CSB331H1/ CSB340H1/ CSB397Y0
Living Things and Their Environment (4)