CSB197H1: Human Viruses



This course allows students to broaden their knowledge about the most important human viruses and prions. In essence, what viruses are, what they do, what are the diseases caused by viruses and how they are transmitted, etc., and what can be done about them (vaccines, antiviral treatments, etc.). Viruses cause many diseases ranging from a benign rash to severe hemorrhages and death. Each student will select a specific topic in Virology and write an essay and present a seminar for the rest of the class. Major "hot" problems in Virology from pandemics to controversial vaccines will also be discussed. Two tests covering all materials presented by all the students' seminars will be conducted. Restricted to first-year students. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

Distribution Requirements
Breadth Requirements
Living Things and Their Environment (4)
Mode of Delivery
In Class