CDN420Y1: Senior Essay


Students select an appropriate research topic and, in consultation with the Program Director, make arrangements with a suitable supervisor. Preferably, research projects must be approved by the supervisor and by the Director of the Canadian Studies Program by April of the preceding academic year. Students meet periodically during the year in seminar to participate in peer evaluations of: statement of research, literature review, methods of analysis, and to share reports of progress in research. Normally open only to Majors and Specialists in the Canadian Studies program. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

Students must submit an application form that includes a written proposal and confirms that a faculty member has agreed to supervise. Applications must be submitted to the UC Programs Office (UC 173) for approval by the Program Director. Applications are due before the first day of course enrolment. Application form is available at the University College website at

15.0 credits and a minimum cGPA of 3.0