BCH479H1: Advanced Seminar in Biochemistry


This seminar course will foster close interactions between students and Faculty and encourage in depth discussion not only of results but the ways the results were presented and the rationales for experimental design. Critical thinking skills will be developed, as will presentation skills, as students become presenters of results and take on the role of scientist presenting and analyzing new findings. Writing skills will be developed through an essay assignment. Students within the audience will also have access to the experimental papers and be encouraged to pose thoughtful questions about research and the ways that research can be communicated within the scientific community. Thus the new seminar course will foster an appreciation of scientific writing and give students a venue to develop their communication skills. The goal of the seminar course is to improve both the written and oral scientific communication skills of our Specialist students, as well as to increase their knowledge of key papers in Biochemistry.

BCH340H1; BCH377H1; BCH378H1; and permission of Department
Living Things and Their Environment (4)