AST201H1: Stars and Galaxies


What we know about the properties and life cycles of stars, of galaxies, and of the Universe itself – and how we know it. How astronomers develop methods for understanding phenomena that span such vast ranges in distance and time. This course is intended for students with no science or engineering background.

AST121H1, AST210H1, AST221H1, AST222H1, AST201H5, ASTA02H3, ASTB23H3. Also excluded are CIV100H1, CIV101H1, CIV102H1 and any 100- or higher-series CHM or PHY courses taken previously or concurrently (with the exception of PHY100H1, PHY100H5, PHY101H1, PHY201H1, PHY202H1, PHY205H1, PHY207H1, CHM101H1, CHM209H1; and AP, IB, CAPE, and GCE Transfer Credits)
The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)