ARH440H1: Photogrammetry and 3D Analysis of Material Culture


With the increasing availability of powerful computers and software, 3D modeling and recording has become commonplace in archaeology, architectural history, museum studies, and other areas of cultural heritage research. In this course, students will learn about a powerful new method for 3D recording known as photogrammetry. After a series of tutorials, they will gain firsthand experience creating their own models of various subjects, such as historical architecture and public art in Toronto, and museum objects on campus. They will also learn how to analyze and present 3D content, while thinking critically about the impact of how digital tools are currently being employed by and shaping the agendas of researchers in archaeology, art history, and related fields.

1.0 credit in ANT/ ARH/ FAH courses at the 300+ level
ARH482H1 (Special Topics in Archaeology: 3D Modeling and Archaeological Analysis), offered in Fall 2019 and Fall 2021
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)