ANT364H1: Advocating Environmental and Climate Justice


This course is designed for students eager to participate in, and reflect on, on-going advocacy on climate and environmental justice. Students will be placed, either as individuals, in partners, or in teams, with a government, non-profit or community advocacy group to collaboratively address a specific problem or need of the organization. In classroom discussions, and in assignments students will have an opportunity to reflect critically on their experiences, explore social and ethical issues, and integrate placements with course readings in ways that mobilize or perhaps challenge academic knowledge. Assignments will integrate practice in a range of forms of expression (for instance personal story, policy brief, podcast, interview, news release, or blog) to support the development of the range of expressive skills needed to support working for change. The application form is posted on the following website: The application form should be submitted by the deadline indicated on the website.

ANT204H1/ ANT207H1/ ANT215H1. Students who do not meet the prerequisite are encouraged to contact the Department.
Society and its Institutions (3)
Partnership-Based Experience