AMS300H1: Theories and Methods in American Studies



This course, required for majors and minors but open to all who have met the pre-requisites, explores a range of approaches to the field of American Studies. Students will be introduced to some of the many ‘theories and methods’ that have animated the field of American Studies, including historical methods; formal analysis of visual and literary texts; and key concepts, such as commodity chain analysis; ‘race,’ ‘commodity,’ ‘gender,’ ‘diaspora,’ and ‘affect.’

HIS271Y1/ ENG250Y1/ GGR240H1/ GGR254H1/ POL203Y1/ POL386Y1/ ( POL347H1, POL386H1). If you do not have these prerequisites but would like to take the course, please contact the instructor and/or to discuss exceptions to the prerequisites.
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)