AFR450Y1: African Studies Honours Research Seminar



This honours research seminar required of all specialists and majors in African Studies offers critical explorations of the genealogy of African Studies, the transnational study of Africa, Africa’s place in a globalized world, the historical, intellectual and institutional contexts of Africanist knowledge production, its dissemination and consumption in Africa, Europe, the Americas and emerging academic sites in Asia. It engages with the paradigm shifts and vibrant scholarly and epistemic debates across disciplines and geographies as well as unfolding events, public discourses, geopolitics, African popular cultures and the reimagining of African futures through canonical, emergent scholarship and creative media. It emphasizes students’ original and creative research explorations, engaged praxis and search for alternative theorizing and decolonial epistemologies. It is also open to upper level students interested in African Studies and/or research in and on Africa.

AFR150Y1 or any 300-level Group A Course. Students who do not meet the prerequisites are encouraged to contact the department.
Society and its Institutions (3)
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)