Nutritional Sciences

Faculty List

Professors Emeriti
M.C. Archer, MA, PhD, D Sc
G.E. Eyssen, MSc, PhD
C.E. Greenwood, MSc, PhD
D. Gurfinkel, PhD
K.N. Jeejeebhoy, PhD
M. Krondl, PhD
P.B. Pencharz, MB, ChB, PhD, FRCPC
A.V. Rao, MSc, PhD
L.U. Thompson, MSc, PhD
T.M.S. Wolever, MA, BM, BCh, MSc, PhD

D.L. O'Connor, PhD, RD

G.H. Anderson, MSc, PhD
R.P. Bazinet, PhD
A. El-Sohemy, PhD
A.J. Hanley, PhD
D.J.A. Jenkins, MA, DM, D Phil, D Sc
M.R. L’Abbé, PhD
D. Sellen, PhD
V. Tarasuk, PhD
V. Vuksan, MSc, D Sc

Associate Professors
E.M. Comelli, PhD
J. Sievenpiper, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Assistant Professors
J. Beaudry, PhD
V. Malik, ScD
A. Metherel, PhD
K. Miliku, MD, PhD


Nutritional Sciences represents an exciting and challenging area of study of a truly interdisciplinary nature. Understanding of the impact of nutrition on health and its role in disease is based upon a knowledge of the metabolic processes involved (nutrient requirements and utilization, food additive metabolism and safety), of the chemistry of foods (food preservation, food production) and of social and behavioural factors (determinants of food selection). Thus, in this program, the physical, biological and social sciences are integrated in consideration of the national and international goals of achieving optimal health through proper nutrition.

Most career opportunities in Nutritional Sciences require training beyond the undergraduate level. The Major Program provides excellent preparation for entry into postgraduate studies in nutrition research or for a professional faculty such as Medicine and Dentistry.

Please note that this Department does not offer an undergraduate dietetics program. Students interested in this qualification should contact Dietitians of Canada for information.

Students interested in applying to the MPH: Nutrition and Dietetics Program, through the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, are advised to contact the program director during their second year of undergraduate studies.

Undergraduate Coordinator:
Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy

Medical Sciences Building, 5th Floor, Room 5255 (416-978-2747)