East Asian Studies

Faculty List

Professors Emeriti 
S. Arntzen, MA, PhD 
E.-J. Baek, MA, PhD 
J. Ching, MA, PhD (obiit)
R.W. Chu, BLS, MA 
V.C. Falkenheim, MA, PhD 
R. Guisso, BA, DPhil 
F.P. Hoff, MA, PhD (obiit)
A.V. Liman, MA 
J. Liu, MA, MA, PhD 
R.J. Lynn, MA, PhD 
K. Nakajima, MA, MPhil 
L.C.D.C. Priestley, MA, PhD 
S. Sandahl, MA, PhD 
W.A. Schlepp, BSc, BA, PhD 
V.T. Shen, MA, PhD (obiit)
R. Tsukimura, MA, PhD 
A.H.C. Ward, MA 
D.B. Waterhouse, MA, LRAM, FRSC, FRAS (obiit)

E. Cazdyn, MA, PhD 
A. Sakaki, MA, PhD 
L. Yoneyama, MA, PhD 

Associate Professors 
L.R. Feng, MA, PhD 
K. Kawashima, MA, PhD 
T. Keirstead, MA, PhD 
Y. Meng, MA, MA, PhD 
J. Poole, MA, PhD 
G. Sanders, PhD 
A. Schmid, MA, PhD 
Y. Wu, MA, MA, PhD 
Y. Zhong, MA, PhD 

Assistant Professors 
M. Cho, MA, PhD
N. Vedal, MA, PhD

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream
J. Arimori, MA 
K. Ko, MA, PhD 
I. Komuro-Lee, MA, PhD 
H. Rupprecht, MA, PhD 

Assistant Professors, Teaching Stream
Y. Choi, MA, PhD
Y. Yoshizumi, MA, PhD


The Department of East Asian Studies offers students the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the history, cultures, and languages of premodern, modern, and contemporary East Asia. The department’s course offerings engage the diversity of East Asian cultures, from contemporary film and politics to ancient philosophy, and they critically examine the structures that define the area and render it an object of study. We offer a full range of courses on East Asian literature, history, thought, religion, and society, as well as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language courses from beginning to advanced levels. In a time of globalization, a degree in East Asian Studies can be an excellent springboard from which to launch a career in fields where bilingualism, critical analytical skills, and in-depth knowledge of the socio-historical and cultural contexts of East Asian texts and ideas are essential. Our Major and Specialist programs build the foundation for careers in teaching and research, international business and law, foreign service, and cultural institutions.

Students seeking advice on course selection or academic progress should contact the Undergraduate Coordinator, but all members of the Department will be happy to provide advice and information about their course offerings. In conjunction with Woodsworth College, the Department offers courses during June and July at the University of Hong Kong, and through the Centre for International Experience, participates in exchange programs with universities in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

General Enquiries: Robarts Library, 14th Floor, (416) 978-0023, eas.undergrad@utoronto.cawww.eas.utoronto.ca