Faculty List

Professors Emeriti
R. Capozzi, MA, PhD 
M. Ciavolella, PhD
K. Eisenbichler, MA, PhD (V)
F. Guardiani, Dott in Lett, MA, PhD (SM) 
M. Kuitunen, Dott in Lett, MA, Phil M,Ufficiale Ord. Merit It. Rep. 
J.A. Molinaro, MA, PhD, FRSC
D. Pietropaolo, MA, PhD (SM), Commend. Rep. It. 
O.L. Pugliese, MA, PhD (V)

Professor and Chair of the Department
L. Somigli, Dott in Lett, PhD

S. Bancheri, MA, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga)
E. Brilli, Dott in Lett, PhD
M. Lettieri, MA, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga)
F. Pierno, Dott in Lett, DEA, Doctorat 

Associate Professors
E. Morra, Dott in Lett, PhD
A. Zambenedetti, Dott in Lingue e Lett Straniere, MA, PhD

Assistant Professors
L. Ingallinella, Dott in Filologia Mod, PhD
A. Pesarini, Dott in Antr, MSc, PhD

Associate Professors Emeriti, Teaching Stream
​B. Magliocchetti, MA (SM)
M. Pasquarelli Clivio, MA, PhD (SM) 

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
M. Scarci, MA, PhD (V)

Assistant Professors, Teaching Stream
P. Frascà, MA, PhD
A. Lanza, Dott in Storia, DEA, PhD

Senior Lecturers Emeritae
R. Longo Lavorato, MA, PhD (SM) 
A. Urbancic, B Ed, MA, PhD (V) 


To study Italian is not only to acquire a language, but also to study a rich literature and a many-sided culture which have played an important, and sometimes dominant, role in Western civilization. For Canadians, the Italian contribution bears a special significance: the vast influx of Italians has brought changes in our way of life and a living presence to reinforce traditional Italian influences, thus enriching the meaning of the term Canadian. Italian combines well with other modern languages and literatures, and other programs such as European Studies, Literary Studies, and Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies, but is by no means restricted to these. Students may choose from Specialist, Major and Minor programs in Italian Studies. Italian courses are offered for beginners as well as for students who may have prior knowledge or instruction in Italian. Oral practice is included in all language courses. Students well qualified in the Italian language may be excused from language courses in first year (please see the Undergraduate Coordinator). 300 and 400-level courses are available to qualified third and fourth-year students and may be taken concurrently. These courses offer a wide range of options in language, literature, linguistics, culture and cinema. There are courses in Italian literature, culture and cinema that are given in English and have no language requirement. In conjunction with Woodsworth College, ITA courses may be taken in Italy at the University of Siena during July and August. A number of bursaries are available. Students may apply to take their Third Year in Italy under the Study Abroad Program in conjunction with the Centre for International Experience (

Undergraduate Coordinator: 416-926-2338
Enquiries: 100 St. Joseph St., Room 204 (416-926-2345)