Sexual Diversity Studies

Faculty List

Professor & Program Director
D. Seitler, MA, PhD

Associate Professor
P. Keilty, MA, PhD

Assistant Professor
J. Moreau, MA, PhD

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
S. Rayter, MA, PhD

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream & Undergraduate Coordinator
N. Minai, PhD


The Sexual Diversity Studies program (Specialist, Major, Minor) enables students to explore, analyze, and challenge the ways in which sexuality shapes people’s lives in both local and global contexts. The program provides vibrant interdisciplinary scholarship and academic learning on the historical and contemporary formations of sexual practices at the intersections of race, class, gender, disability, and citizenship status, among other social relations and processes. Our courses are designed to foster critical conversations of queer and normative sexualities; the formation of sexual, racial, and gender, and gender-non-conforming personhood; and the role of sexuality in culture and politics both in North America and transnationally.