Health Studies Specialist (Arts Program) - ASSPE2085

The Health Studies Program explores how health around the world is shaped by the circumstances in which people are born, grow up, live, work, and age, and how these in turn connect to a wider set of environmental, social, cultural, economic, and political forces. Understanding health requires knowledge from a range of disciplines and sectors: Health Studies offers a stimulating interdisciplinary environment that challenges students to think about health – both locally and globally – in new ways.

Enrolment in the Health Studies Specialist will be administratively suspended as of February 5, 2024 and students will no longer be able to enrol in the program. Students presently enrolled in the Specialist will be able to complete the program requirements as described below. Students who are not enrolled in this program but are interested in health studies or public health programs are encouraged to consider the Health Studies Major and are strongly recommended to consult with University College for advising.

(12.0 credits, including 2.0 credits at the 400-level.)

  1. 1.0 credit from the following courses: ANT100Y1/​ BIO130H1/​ GGR107H1/​ HPS100H1/​ HPS110H1/​ HPS120H1/​ PCL102H1/​ PHS100H1/​ PHL100Y1/​ PHL101Y1/​ POL101H1/​ PSY100H1/​ SOC100H1/​ TRN135Y1/​ UNI103H1/​ UNI103Y1/​ WGS160Y1
  2. HST209H1, HST211H1, HST250H1
  3. PHL281H1/​ INS200H1
  4. STA220H1/​ ECO220Y1/​ ECO227Y1/​ GGR270H1/​ PSY201H1/​ SOC300Y1/​ STA261H1/​ STA238H1/​ STA248H1/​ STA288H1/​ EEB225H1/​ STAB22H3/​ STAB57H3/​ STA215H5/​ STA220H5/​ ECO220Y5/​ ECO227Y5/​ STA258H5/​ STA260H5
  5. 1.0 credit from the following courses: ANT208H1/​ HMB202H1/​ HMB203H1/​ INS205H1/​ JSU237H1/​ NFS284H1/​ PCL201H1/​ PCL218H1/​ PHL281H1/​ SOC204H1/​ SOC243H1/​ STA221H1/​ TRN235H1/​ TRN236H1
  6. HST310H1
  7. HST373H1/​ HMB342H1
  8. HST350H1
  9. 2.0 credits from the following courses: HST305H1/​ HST306H1/​ HST307H1/​ HST308H1/​ HST309H1/​ HST330H1/​ HST350H1/​ HST350Y1/​ ANA300Y1/​ ANT345H1/​ ANT348H1/​ ANT358H1/​ EEB324H1/​ GGR340H1/​ HPS319H1/​ HPS370H1/​ HPS371H1/​ HMB303H1/​ HMB323H1/​ INS340Y1/​ INS350H1/​ JNH350H1/​ PHL380H1/​ PHL381H1/​ PHL383H1/​ PHS300H1/​ SOC309H1/​ SOC316H1/​ SOC363H1/​ SOC364H1/​ WGS367H1
  10. HST450Y1
  11. 1.0 credit of the following courses: HST405H1/​ HST407H1/​ HST409H1/​ HST410H1/​ HST411H1/​ HST440H1/​ HST451Y1/​ HST464H1/​ HST480H1 or another 400-level course approved by Director.
  12. The remaining 2.0 credits can include any courses not previously taken to fulfill Requirements 1-11, or any of the following: ANT434H1/​ ANT458H1/​ ANT460H1/​ ANT474H1/​ CSE344Y1/​ ENV430H1/​ GGR433H1/​ JFP450H1/​ HIS423H1/​ HIS498H1/​ HMB322H1/​ HMB406H1/​ HMB433H1/​ HMB462H1/​ HST400Y1/​ IRE378H1/​ NEW344Y1/​ PSY333H1/​ SOC412H1/​ SOC488H1