Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Faculty List

Chair of the Department of Molecular Genetics 
L.E. Cowen, Ph D 

Vice Chair
P.J. Roy, Ph D

Associate Chair, Infrastructure, Communications, & Alumni Relations
B.E. Funnell, Ph D

Associate Chair & Undergraduate Coordinator 
R.A. Collins, Ph D 

Associate Chair & Associate Undergraduate Coordinator
W.W. Navarre, Ph D

Associate Chair & Graduate Coordinator 
J.M. Claycomb, Ph D

Associate Chair & Associate Graduate Coordinator
I. Scott, Ph D 

B. J. Andrews, Ph D 
I. Andrulis, Ph D 
P. Awadalla, Ph D 
G. Bader, Ph D
B. J. Blencowe, Ph D 
C. Boone, Ph D 
G. Boulliane, Ph D 
J. Brill, Ph D 
J. Brumell, Ph D 
H. Chan, Ph D 
B. Ciruna, Ph D
A. W. Cochrane, Ph D 
R. Cohn, Ph D 
R. A. Collins, Ph D
S. Cordes, Ph D 
L. E. Cowen, Ph D  
J. Culotti, Ph D 
A. Davidson, Ph D 
J. Dennis, Ph D
W. B. Derry, Ph D  
J. Dick, Ph D 
P. Dirks, Ph D 
D. Durocher, Ph D
A. Edwards, Ph D 
S. Egan, Ph D 
J. Ellis, Ph D 
O. Ernst, Ph D 
L. D. Frappier, Ph D
A. G. Fraser, Ph D  
B. E. Funnell, Ph D 
B. Gallie, Ph D
A. C. Gingras, Ph D 
S. D. Gray-Owen, Ph D 
J. F. Greenblatt, Ph D 
T. Hughes, Ph D 
C. C. Hui, Ph D 
M. Justice, Ph D 
D. Kaplan, Ph D 
L. Kay, Ph D 
H. M. Krause, Ph D
H. Lipshitz, Ph D 
J. Liu, Ph D 
F. Miller, Ph D 
J. Moffat, Ph D 
M. Moran, Ph D 
Q. Morris, Ph D
L. Osborne, Ph D
D. J. Parkinson, Ph D 
C. E. Pearson, Ph D 
L. Pelletier, Ph D  
J. Rini, Ph D 
J. M. Rommens, Ph D 
J. Rossant, Ph D 
F. P. Roth, Ph D 
P. J. Roy, Ph D 
S. Scherer, Ph D 
F. Sicheri, Ph D 
S. Sidhu, Ph D 
A. M. Spence, Ph D 
I. Stagljar, Ph D 
L. Stein, Ph D 
D. van der Kooy, Ph D 
J. Wrana, Ph D 
Z. Zhang, Ph D 
M. Zhen, Ph D 

Associate Professors 
M. Brown, M Sc, Ph D 
A. Caudy, Ph D
J. M. Claycomb, Ph D
J. Dowling, Ph D
A. W. Ensminger, Ph D
S. Hopyan, Ph D
S. Joshi, D Sc, Ph D
P. Kim, Ph D
B. D. Lavoie, Ph D
M. Meneghini, Ph D
W. W. Navarre, Ph D
B. Pearson, Ph D
M. Ramalho-Santos, Ph D
I. Scott, Ph D
C. Smibert, Ph D
B. Steipe, PhD
A. Wilde, Ph D
M. Wilson, Ph D

Assistant Professors 
E. Campos, Ph D
J. Carroll, Ph D
P. Delgado Olguin, Ph D 
J. Hill, Ph D 
X. Huang, Ph D 
T. Hurd, Ph D
R. Kafri, Ph D 
T. Kim, Ph D 
J. Lefebvre, Ph D 
Y Li, Ph D
P. Maass, Ph D
J. Muffat, Ph D
K. Okamoto, Ph D
J. Park, Ph D 
S. Protze, Ph D
A. Reinke, Ph D
H. Rost, Ph D
D. Schramek, Ph D 
N. Sondheimer, Ph D
M. Steiner, Ph D
E. Styles, Ph D
M. Taipale, Ph D
R. Yuen, Ph D


Molecular biology has revolutionized the fields of genetics and microbiology. The Department of Molecular Genetics offers Specialist and Major programs in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, which emphasize the molecular aspects of both disciplines. Genetics, the science of heredity, and microbiology, the study of microorganisms (microbes), have long served as meeting grounds for a variety of biological disciplines. Developments in genetics and microbiology have contributed greatly to our basic understanding of the fundamental processes of life as well as to the treatment of genetic and infectious diseases.

Of particular significance in molecular genetics has been the development of techniques that permit the isolation, through cloning, of the genes responsible for specific traits, and the detailed analysis of their regulation, interactions, and products. More recently the advent of genome sequencing has fueled efforts to understand in full the information content of the genome and to assign function to every gene, using methods that allow systematic, genome-scale analyses of gene expression, the phenotypic consequences of gene disruption, and the interactions between genes and gene products. Molecular techniques have increased our ability to diagnose and understand viral and bacterial disease, and the complex microbe/host interactions that are involved. The impact of these and other technological advances extend to such diverse fields as plant and animal developmental biology, virology, immunology, cancer biology, and biotechnology. Studies at a molecular level are essential to understanding the consequences to life when fundamental processes are altered by mutation, by infection, or by the environment.

The Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Specialist program is a research-intensive program and is designed to provide strong in-depth training in science, including critical analyses of scientific concepts and literature, advanced laboratory experience, and detailed understanding and application of molecular biology. Specialists enter the program in 2nd year and then choose one of two Streams, called Genetics and Microbiology, by the start of the third year. Each Stream provides focused training, but there is considerable overlap between the streams, reflective of both the cross-disciplinary requirements of these two rapidly evolving disciplines and the impact of each on areas spanning modern biomedical science.

The Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Major program offers students fundamental training in molecular genetics and microbiology. Students tailor their own program and may focus on a microbiology major, a genetic major, or a combination; they choose a path to suit their specific interests. Students take several advanced courses in these disciplines, but the Major allows them to choose the breadth of their training by combining the MGY Major with another Major of interest.

The Department of Molecular Genetics is also a cosponsor of the Major program in Genome Biology, with the Departments of Cell and Systems Biology (CSB), and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB). See the Biology program listings for details of the Genome Biology Major.

Career opportunities for graduates include employment in research institutes, universities and other educational institutions, and industry. The programs provide excellent preparation for post-graduate research and professional programs.

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