Given by the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures


Estonian is spoken by approximately one million people in present-day Estonia and some 72,000 in other parts of the world, including 18,000 in Canada. Closely related to Finnish and more distantly to Hungarian, Estonian is one of the few Finno-Ugric languages to exist surrounded by speakers of Indo-European languages.

An ancient people, the Estonians have preserved their language and culture despite centuries of domination by other nations. Not only is their heritage enormously rich in folk epics and songs, but Estonians enjoy a vigorous and diversified literary tradition which continues in Estonia proper and in their adoptive countries.

Estonian studies at the University of Toronto are concerned with the language, literature, and culture of Estonia. The language courses will be of interest to those wishing to improve their language skills, as well as to students of general linguistics who desire to acquire a knowledge of a non-Indo-European language.