Faculty List

University Professors Emeriti
J.B. Jones, BSc, PhD, D Phil, FRSC, FCIC 
J.C. Polanyi, MSc, PhD, D SC, FRS, FRSC, FRSEd

Professors Emeriti
D.J. Donaldson, BSc, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough)
M. Georges, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga)
R.E. Kapral, BSc, PhD, FRSC
U.J. Krull, BSc, PhD, FCIC (University of Toronto Mississauga)
P.M. Macdonald, MSc, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga)
R.A. McClelland, BSc, PhD, FRSC (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
S. McLean, BSc, PhD, FCIC 
M. Menzinger, Dip Eng, MSc, PhD (SM) 
W.F. Reynolds, MSc, PhD 
E.A. Robinson, BSc, PhD, D Sc (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
I.W.J. Still, BSc, PhD, D Sc (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
T.T. Tidwell, BSc, AM, PhD, FRSC (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
J.P. Valleau, MA, PhD (I) 
S.G. Whittington, MA, PhD (T) 

Professor Emerita, Teaching Stream
J. C. Poë, ARCS, MSc, DIC, FCIC (University of Toronto Mississauga) 

Associate Professors Emeriti
S.J. Fraser, BA, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough)

Associate Professors Emeriti, Teaching Stream
C.S. Browning, MSc, PhD (SM) effective July 1, 2024
C.M. Kutas, BSc, MA, PhD

Senior Lecturers Emeriti
S. Skonieczny, D Sc, PhD 
H. O. Ohorodnyk, MSc 

Professor and Chair of the Department
M. Lautens, BSc, PhD, OC, FCIC, FRSC (T)

Associate Professor and Associate Chair (Graduate)
M.S. Taylor, BSc, PhD

Professor, Teaching Stream and Associate Chair (Undergraduate)
A.P. Dicks, BSc, PhD (SM)

University Professors
P.W. Brumer, BSc, PhD, FRSC 
E. Kumacheva, MSc, PhD, FRSC 
M. Lautens, BSc, PhD, OC, FCIC, FRSC (T) 
R.J.D. Miller, BS, PhD, FRSC, FCIC 
G.A. Ozin, BSc, D Phil, FRSC, FCIC 
J.C. Polanyi, MSc, PhD, D Sc, FRS, FRSC, FRSEd 
D.W. Stephan, BSc, PhD, FCIC, FRSC, FRSC(UK), FRS
M.A. Winnik, BA, PhD, FRSC, FCIC 

J.P. Abbatt, BSc, PhD, FRSC
A. Aspuru-Guzik, BSc, PhD
J. Chin, MSc, PhD 
M.C. Goh, BS, PhD (U) 
P. Gunning, BSc, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
A. Hargrove, BSc, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga) effective July 1, 2024
A.F. Izmaylov, MSc, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough)
R.H. Kluger, AM, PhD, FCIC, FRSC 
H.B. Kraatz, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
S.A. Mabury, BS, PhD (U), FRSC 
R.H. Morris, BSc, PhD, FRSC, FCIC 
J.G. Murphy, BSc, PhD
M. Nitz, BSc, PhD 
R.S. Prosser, MSc, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga)
J.M. Schofield, BA, PhD 
D.S. Seferos, BSc, PhD
D. Segal, BSc, PhD
A.J. Simpson, BSc, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
M.J. Simpson, BSc, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
M.S. Taylor, BSc, PhD 
M. Thompson, BSc, PhD, D Sc, FRSC, FCIC 
A. von Lilienfeld, BSc, PhD
G. Walker, BA, PhD 
F. Wania, BSc, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
A. Wheeler, BSc, PhD 
G.A. Woolley, BSc, PhD 
A. Yudin, BS, PhD 

Associate Professors
A. Beharry, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga)
A. Dhirani, MSc, PhD 
U. Fekl, MSc, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
R.A. Jockusch, BA, PhD
V. Kanelis, BSc, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
K. Kerman, MSc, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
D.R. McMillen, MA Sc, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
H. Peng, BSc, PhD
S. Rousseaux, BSc, PhD
J.A. Shin, AB, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
D. Song, BSc, PhD 
M. Wilson, MSc, PhD
X. Zhang, MSc, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough) 

Assistant Professors
H. Cui, BSc, PhD
X. Li, BSc, PhD
S. Rauscher, BSc, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga)
R. Sullan, BSc, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough)
H. Tran, PhD
O. Voznyy, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough)

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream
C.S. Browning, MSc, PhD (SM) 
S. Dalili, MSc, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
J. D'eon, BSc, PhD
A. Hadzovic, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
L. Mikhaylichenko, MSc, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough)
B. Morra, BSc, PhD
P.A.E. Piunno, MSc, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
K. Quinlan, BSc, PhD 
E. Sauer, B Sc, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
D.C. Stone, BSc, PhD 

Assistant Professors, Teaching Stream
J. De Backere, BSc, PhD
K. Kim, BSc, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough)
K. Luska, BSc, MSc, PhD
J. Strautmanis, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga) 


Chemistry is a rewarding intellectual pursuit and a dominant force in shaping our civilization. Chemistry places a strong emphasis on an understanding of the structures and properties of individual atoms and molecules, and on using this understanding to interpret and predict the behaviour of matter. Many of the concepts of physics, and the methods of mathematics, are basic to chemistry. Chemistry is of fundamental importance to many other subjects including astrophysics, biological sciences, environmental science, geology, materials science, and medical sciences. These and other aspects of the subject are reflected in the undergraduate courses and programs offered by the Department.

The Department has made extensive changes to its course and program offerings in the last few years. These changes included a revision of first-year course delivery, modifications to later-year courses, and the refreshment of all six specialist programs in Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Materials Science, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Synthetic & Catalytic Chemistry, and Chemical Physics. In addition, a brand new Environmental Chemistry major has been launched. Students enrolled in any specialist or major program can select a Focus in Green Chemistry or a Focus in Practical Chemical Analysis as part of their undergraduate experience to highlight their acquired knowledge and skills to potential employers.

Students enrolled in any of the six specialist programs are eligible to participate in the Arts & Science Internship Program stream.

Students can choose between two first-year options according to their intended area of study.

1. CHM151Y1 is the course that is strongly recommended for students who plan to enrol in one of the specialist programs involving chemistry (including Biological Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry), or who plan to include a substantial amount of chemistry in their degree (such as those following a Chemistry major program. CHM151Y1 features a unique Course Community that significantly supports and enhances the student learning experience through informal sessions facilitated by upper-year undergraduate mentors.

2. The combination of CHM135H1 and CHM136H1 is recommended for students who intend to take programs in the Life or Health Sciences that do not require a large amount of chemistry.

The outlines of these first-year courses, together with those for later-year offerings, are shown in this Calendar. More detailed information is available from the Department and is posted at

Incoming first-year students may find more information about the first-year chemistry courses at Some examples of common concepts from high school chemistry studies that you should be familiar with are listed at

Students who are following programs that contain a substantial number of chemistry courses are strongly advised to take courses in the proper year (i.e., 200-level in the second year, etc.). Following the correct sequence will enhance the level and balance of preparation for all later year courses, and timetable conflicts will be avoided. Students whose current programs may be affected by the introduction of new or revised chemistry courses are advised to consult the Department at the earliest possible opportunity.

Students requiring more information about Chemistry programs and courses are invited to visit the Undergraduate Office, Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories, Room 151, or to initiate contact via email (

Lab Materials Fee

Some courses in this department have a mandatory Lab Materials Fee to cover non-reusable materials. The fee for each such course is given below in the course description and will be included on the student’s invoice on ACORN.

Regarding Materials Science Courses


  1. The MSE courses listed in the programs below are administered by the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, and are subject to the rules and regulations of that Faculty, including those for term dates, examination periods and deferral practices.
  2. The CHM courses listed for the Materials Science program are described in this section of the Calendar.
  3. Enrollment in MSE courses is done through your own College Registrar. It is not necessary to petition as the courses listed below have been pre-approved for this Specialist Program.
  4. Deferment of Final Exams is NOT generally granted in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.