Art History

Faculty List

Professors Emeriti 
K. Andrews, MFA 
L.E. Eleen, MA, PhD 
D.S. Richardson, MA, PhD (U) 
D. Rifat, DA 
J.W. Shaw, MAT, PhD, D Hum Lett, FSA, FRSC (T) 
M.C. Shaw, MA, PhD (S) 
B. Welsh-Orcharov, MA, PhD 

Professor and Chair 
C. Knappett, PhD, FSA (Homer Thompson/Walter Graham Chair in Aegean Prehistory)

Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies
P. Sapirstein, PhD (Limited Term Appointment) 

University Professor 
P.L. Sohm, MA, PhD (U) 

C. Anderson, MA, PhD
M.A. Cheetham, MA, PhD, FRSC (U) 
L. Kaplan, MA, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
E.M. Kavaler, MA, PhD 
C. Knappett, PhD, FSA (Homer Thompson/Walter Graham Chair in Aegean Prehistory)
E. Levy, MFA, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga)  
J. Ricco, MA, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga)  

Associate Professors 
J. Bear, MA, PhD 
J. Caskey, MA, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
A. S. Cohen, MA, PhD 
B. C. Ewald, MA, PhD 
E. Harney, MA, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
K. Jain, MA, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
SJ. Kim, MA, MPhil, PhD
E.M.M. Legge, MA, PhD (U) 
G. Periti, MA, PhD 
J. Purtle, MA, MPhil, PhD (U) 
A. Syme, MA, PhD (University of Toronto Mississauga) 

Assistant Professors 
J. Clarke, M. Arch, M Phil, PhD
Y. Gu, MA, PhD (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
M. Harakawa, MPhil, PhD
M. Migwans, MA, PhD
H. Mostafa, MA, PhD
P. Sapirstein, PhD 

Adjunct Professor 
Y. Hendeles, C.M., O.Ont, PhD Amsterdam, LL.D University of Toronto, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Ontario College of Art and Design (Hons)

Royal Ontario Museum
H. Coxon, Associate Professor, Status Only
D. Dewan, MA, PhD, Associate Professor, Status Only
R. Fox, MA, PhD, Assistant Professor, Status Only
A. Gehmacher, MA, PhD, Associate Professor, Status Only
A. Palmer, MA, PhD, Associate Professor, Status Only


The Department of Art History offers Minor, Major, and Specialist programs in Art History (FAH). 

The FAH curriculum covers art from prehistory to the present in several global regions: the Mediterranean area, Europe, the Indigenous and Colonized Americas, and Asia. FAH101H1 and FAH102H1 offer two different ways of acquiring the foundational skills of art history while exploring global art and architecture: the 101 previewing subject in 200-level FAH course offerings, the 102 drawing examples around a unifying theme. Taking one of these two courses is a mandatory component of the curriculum, and students are encouraged to complete this requirement early in their progress toward an FAH program. The 0.5 credit courses at the 200-level are more comprehensive surveys that introduce the material from specific chronological periods, regional areas, or the history of architecture. Many of these courses, which are offered on a regular basis, serve as “gateway” prerequisites for courses at the 300- and 400-level; students are advised to check the prerequisites for each upper-level course carefully before enrolment.

Courses in art history (FAH) are useful to students in other departments or faculties; history, literature, music, and philosophy - to name but a few examples - are likewise concerned with systems of thought and imagery. Fundamental concepts in such disciplines are embodied or reflected in related works of art of the same general period and area. Students in architecture, geography, or city planning will find courses in the history of architecture of benefit. 

At the same time, the Department directs the attention of its students to the wide range of offerings in other departments and urges them to acquire the broad cultural background essential to an understanding of the arts. Of special importance are familiarity with history, a knowledge of the various traditions of literature and mythology, and an acquaintance with philosophy. Courses in cultural, historical or urban geography may also be relevant in programs that include the history of architecture. It is imperative that students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in art history acquire the foreign languages necessary for such work. Although the choice of languages will be dependent on an individual’s program of study, it is generally recommended that students begin to learn German and at least one other European language. The Department website provides a list of courses in other departments that can be counted toward an art history degree; consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies to confirm the eligibility of any potentially suitable course not published there.

In conjunction with Woodsworth College, the Department offers courses during the summer term at the University of Siena, Italy, and at other locations abroad. For information about these degree-credit FAH courses, please consult the Department of Art History website or contact the Summer Abroad Program at Woodsworth College, 119 St. George Street (416-978-8713),

The History of Art Students' Association sponsors a variety of lectures and other activities for members of the departmental community.

Not all courses listed in this Calendar are offered every year. For more detailed information on courses and degree programs, consult the Department of Art History website at Counselling is available, by appointment, from the Undergraduate Coordinator. 


Undergraduate Assistant, Sidney Smith Hall, Room 6036 (416-978-7892),