Academic Bridging Program

Faculty List

T. Socknat, MA, PhD 

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream 
W. B. MacDonald, BA, MA 
T. Moritz, MA, PhD 
J. B. Rose, BA, MA 


The Academic Bridging Program allows individuals, who have been away from formal education for some time and are at least 19 years of age, to pursue degree studies at the University of Toronto. The courses in the program are designed to help ease the transition into first-year university courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science after time away from prior education.

Courses feature study skills, essay writing skills, library research skills and the methodology of the specific academic discipline involved. Students are admitted by Woodsworth College to non-degree studies in the Academic Bridging Program and are enrolled in Woodsworth College courses. Both part-time and full-time options are available to students.

Students who successfully complete the Academic Bridging Program, earning a grade of 63% or above, are admitted to the Faculty of Arts and Science, at the University of Toronto, with at least 1.0 credit towards their degree for those who complete the part-time Academic Bridging Program. Students who complete the full-time program may transfer up to 2.0 credits towards their degree.

Program Learning Objectives

Develop Academic Skills:

  • students learn clear, mature and reflective spoken and written communication
  • students learn critical analytical reading, thinking and writing
  • students learn basic information literacy and good academic work habits and study skills

Understand University Culture:

  • students learn appropriate classroom protocol
  • students learn to use classroom technology
  • students learn to access university resources

Enhance Life Skills:

  • students learn to assess their personal and academic strengths and weaknesses, and readiness for university
  • students learn to develop an appreciation of lifelong learning in and out of the classroom
  • students learn to think and act independently and responsibly

The program is offered in the Fall, Winter and Summer sessions. To find out more about the program please contact the Academic Bridging Program office.


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